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Rabu, Jun 02, 2010 Post By: Tan Sri Kroll™

1001 Horrible Facts You Should Know (Part I)

The acid in your stomach is so strong that it can dissolve steel
razor blades but  it’s still not a good idea to eat them, though!

Long ago, rich people used to pay for teeth to be pulled
from poor people (often teenagers) and implanted in
their own jaws when their rotten teeth were removed.

A beef tapeworm, caught from eating eggs in 
infected beef, can grow to 12 metres (39 feet)
long in the human gut.

All the bacteria living inside your body
would fill six teaspoons.

If you could scrunch together all the bacteria living on the outside of your
body, they would take up about thesame amount of space as one pea.

Egyptian mummies that have been dead for
3,000 years still have their fingerprints intact.

The maw-worm can grow to 30 centimetres (1 foot) and then come out of the
body from any gap or hole, including thecorner of the eye.

More than100 million micro-organismslive in your
mouth at any time.

You go white when really scared because blood drains
from your skin.This protected primitive humans from
bleeding to death if bitten by scary, wild animals.

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  1. love this info very much! tan sri, buat lagi! haha

  1. wanie~ insyaAllah..mmg hajatnye begitu...ade beribu2 lagi horrible facts yg Tan Sri nak share ngan semua... :)

  1. edoraemon~ sape yg giloooo??? cucu ke?? sampai hati nenek..isk..isk..isk..

  1. kroll..tu mang horrible..biar betik..takot2..muke aku da jd putih lar..hehe

  1. dah memang fakta...ade bnyk lagi yg horrible tuk dikongsi..tunggguuuuuuu..hehe...(^_^)

  1. fuyoo~
    ni da bab pathology ni.
    aik.. xsbr la tuh.. :D
    btw, yg maw-worm tu, geli gler..
    sbb tgk dlm cter fringe, worm ni kuar dr mulut.. siyes geli..and worm tu xsilap bleh membiak dgn cpt di bdn manusia..

  1. hehe...tak sabar dan ke ade dlm citer fringe?? mmgponn..aku mase bace fakta ni pon dah geli..inikan plak kalo tngk..eeeeeeeeee.....

  1. geli tp comel..

    bestla smua info2 nie..

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