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Ahad, Jun 27, 2010 Post By: Tan Sri Kroll™

1001 Horrible Facts You Should Know (Part III)

At least 1.3 billion people are infected with a small hookworm
that attaches to the inside of the gut. If there are a lot, it looks
like fur or a thick carpet. Around the world, they suck a total
of 10 million litres (around 21 million pints) of blood a day.

When a wound gets infected, it oozes yellow pus. Pus is a
mixture of dead blood cells, bacteria and other dead cells
from your body.

For a work entitled Self, created in 1991, English sculptor Marc
Quinn made a copy of his head, moulded from his own deep-frozen
blood. Quinn collected almost 4 litres (8 pints) of his blood over
five months, poured it into a mould of his head and froze it.

In some countries,the umbilical cord –the cord that attaches
the unborn baby to its mother – is dried and kept after birth,
to use in spells or medicines.

Dust mites are found in all houses. They eat the dead
skin we shed all the time, and live in beds, carpets, rugs
and anywhere else snug which collects flakes of skin.

Most people have mites living in their eyelashes, 
eyebrows, ears and noses.

If you unravelled all the tiny tubes in your kidneys and laid
them end to end, they would stretch 80 kilometres
(50 miles).Yet they scrunch up to fit into
kidneys only 10 centimetres (4 inches) long.

An amoeba common in warm water can travel up your nose while you are
swimming and live in your brain, where it multiplies rapidly and kills
you in three to seven days.

You will produce 45,000 litres (around
95,000 pints) of urine in your life
– enough to fill a small swimming pool!

  1. geli aku baca.dahla tgh makan!!!

  1. hahaha....namepon horrible kannn??!! yg pegi gatal2 makan sambil bace tuh buat ape... :p

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