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Jumaat, Ogos 20, 2010 Post By: Tan Sri Kroll™

1001 Horrible Fact You Should Know (Part IV)

A very fat person who flushes an aeroplane toilet while still sitting on it
can have their rectum sucked out by the pull of the toilet’s flush.

Most people fart about 14 times a day.

The mental disorder called ‘walking corpse’ disease leads people to 
believe parts of their body are missing or that they are dead.

If you could lay out all your blood vessels end to end they would
go round the world over twice.

Hookworms can infest people who walk barefoot. They bore through the 
skin of thefeet and travel in the blood to the lungs, where they come out 
and crawl up to the throat,to be swallowed and start a new life in the gut.

Right-handed people sweat most under their right arm, left-handed
people sweat most under their left arm.

People who live in big cities make more ear wax than those who

live in the country, where the air is cleaner.

You lose 80 hairs from your head every day but you have about
100,000 so don’t worry, you won’t start to look bald just yet.
And they re-grow quickly when you’re young.

When you sneeze, all your body functions stop,even your heart stops beating.
A very long sneezing fit can cause a heart attack.

Ahad, Ogos 08, 2010 Post By: Tan Sri Kroll™

Bapa Pukul Anak Kerana Anak Nak Pakai Tudung

Salam sumer...dah lama gile aku tak buat post baru semenjak balik m'sia kali ni aku nak kongsi tentang cite sedih yg aku dpt dari email nih..
Sadis betul citer nih...cubalah korang hayati dengan sebaik2nya...layannnzzzz..

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